Psychoanalysis is a gentle process of understanding and dissembling old ways of being and building a new sense of oneself. We make changes that enable one to live life in a more fully human way. Jungian analysis in particular encourages healthy adaptation all through life. It utilizes the resources of the unconscious, seeking balance between our inner and outer lives. It focuses on deep psychological growth, and the search for meaning is central to the process.

Working as patient and psychoanalyst, we take into account the impact of your childhood and past experiences, and we also place an emphasis on looking forward, asking ‘what is called for that you may grow?’ Looking at dreams, longings, and symbolic imaginings, we seek to understand your suffering. We look for ways that unrecognized or ‘banished’ aspects of your true self might have value. We engage with the unconscious as a source of wisdom, creativity, and direction. These explorations can relieve psychological and spiritual struggle, fostering engagement and vitality.

The goal of Jungian psychoanalysis is individuation, Carl Jung’s term for ‘wholeness.’ As life presents the imperative for further evolution and change, we continually work through fears, inhibitions, and defenses. We seek to develop an abiding sense of self, a steady presence in the world, and resilience in the face of inevitable difficulties.

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