Counseling is a process of seeking greater satisfaction in living by coming to know more about yourself. Working as patient and psychotherapist, we uncover barriers to your fuller self. We develop ways to approach problems differently. The process of counseling requires deep reflection, vulnerability, and a willingness to reconsider how you have been living your day-to-day life. It may be uncomfortable at times. Together, we offer a welcoming hand to new ideas, attitudes, and beliefs about yourself and those around you. This brings about a broader sense of aliveness and a deeper sense of meaning.

Some common barriers that could be explored in counseling include inner attitudes about yourself that defeat your goals, the ability to notice and articulate feelings, and patterns that make it difficult for you to relate to others. Often, unresolved experiences from the past influence us in unseen ways. Working to relate to the past differently can make a difference in the present. We slow things down so that automatic responses can be seen. Then there is more freedom to choose a resourceful response.

At the center of my work is a positive view of human nature as oriented toward vitality, equilibrium, and growth.

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