Contact Information & Fees

Patients & Fees:
I work with adults over age 25, and not with children or couples. My fee for each session is $175.00. I do not accept most health insurance. I do accept a small number of Medicaid and plans to make therapy more broadly available.

Location & Teletherapy:
5725 Dragon Way, Suite 308
Cincinnati, OH 45227

My office is in Fairfax, near the East End, Hyde Park, Madisonville and Mariemont.

map+building(horiz)_151113Although I prefer in-person therapy sessions, I am willing to use teletherapy when it is appropriate for you and your therapeutic goals. As we work together, we will periodically review the safe and effective use of teletherapy.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact me at 513.283.9371 or use the contact form below.