What is Counseling? Counseling is a process of searching for greater satisfaction in life.

  • It is focused on a person’s inner experience and feelings much more than on the counselor’s ‘advice.’
  • The person will be led naturally toward what makes sense for him or her when paying close attention to feelings and experiences.
  • When the person can know and name his or her own feelings, then the feelings aren’t influencing perceptions or behavior in an invisible way.


Counseling also looks at:

  • ways to change actions that defeat a person’s goals
  • long-standing patterns that hold people back
  • negative perceptions of the self which don’t line up with current reality
  • what the person’s part is in how people respond to him or her.


Counseling is a talking and reflecting process.

  • People usually begin each session talking about experiences or feelings from the past week which had the most concern or urgency.
  • Through describing, verbalizing, making associations, and summarizing, the person and the counselor work together to see patterns and brainstorm alternatives.
  • Between sessions, people reflect on the work, make notes in a journal, and try different approaches to situations.


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