What is analysis? Just as ‘analysis’ in business or academics means looking at elements and structures more deeply, analysis in counseling psychology means looking more deeply at ourselves.

  • Analysis is a process focused on ways a person is always evolving, changing, and moving toward a goal of wholeness.
  • Using dreams and other imaginative processes, we are gently encouraged to expand beyond what we know of ourselves now and to offer a welcoming hand to new ideas, experiences, and self-understandings.
  • Deeper aspects of ourselves often reveal points of view that counter-balance or complement our usual thoughts, feelings, and actions. This can offer a sense of where our ‘growth edge’ is.
  • With each new point of balance and satisfaction in our lives, there will follow an imperative for evolution and change. This involves continually coming into contact with the unconscious and working through fears, inhibitions, and defenses of all kinds. Analysis encourages and supports this ongoing personal evolution.
  • When the new gets woven into our conscious awareness, Jung calls this “transcendent.” A key goal of analysis is to develop the capacity to transcend what one knew previously and keep becoming more fully oneself.

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